What Is New in Kinetics Neo?

Release History

Version 2.7.0 (January 29, 2024)

  • Added: curing reactions with diffusion control to DEA project type. It is renamed to "DEA Curing" .
  • Added: curing reactions with diffusion control to project type Viscosity project type. It is renamed to "Viscosity Curing".
  • Added: Predictions of Time-Temperature-Transition diagram (TTT) with vitrification curve for project types  "DEA Curing" and "Viscosity Curing".
  • Added: Calculation of glass transition temperature for predictions based on project types  "DEA Curing" and "Viscosity Curing".
  • Added: default file names are now shown when exporting data into TXT files.
  • Corrected: in Help article about Vyazovkin analysis the equations are added.
  • Other small improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.6.8 (September 13, 2023)

  • Improved: data export for Time-Temperature Transition diagram (TTT diagram).
  • Other small improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.6.7 (January 24, 2023)

  • Improved: stability after some updates of hardware drivers and BIOS.
  • Other small improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.6.6 (November 16, 2022)

  • Added: Steps in Multiple Step Prediction can be copied. Now it is much easier to add a new  step in a middle of complex multi-step temperature program.
  • Improved: Better simulation at very high temperatures for multi-step consecutive reactions having low-temperature reaction steps.
  • Improved: by exporting data in model-free analysis additional columns for temperature and conversion are added.
  • Improved: concentration now may be also shown in relative values.
  • Fixed: Import text data files are now aware of different not consistent using of spaces and commas.
  • Other small improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.6.1 (March 02, 2022)

  •  The name of SBC reaction type in model-based analysis is corrected.  Correct name is: SbC – Sbirrazzuoli Crystallization (Sestak-Berggren + Hoffman-Lauritzen)
  • Initial parameters for SB model are also adjusted to have better initial fit.
  • Other smaller improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.6.0 (February 16, 2022)

Version 2.5.5 (September 27, 2021)

Version 2.5.3 (July 27, 2021)

Fixed: the incorrect Internet address of our license server.

Version 2.5.2 (July 23, 2021)

  • New: two baselines Right Tangential and Tangential for the viscosity data.
  • New: fire temperature preset "Presets_Fire_slow_heat_EN1363-2.txt".
  • New: additional export of isoconversional lines for ASTM E698, E2890, E1641, Friedman, OFW, KAS in Export Data.
  • New: Model Based chart now contain subtitle. Title is a model type and the Subtitle is user-defined model description.
  • New: SplashScreen is added. It is visible from the application start until the main window is shown.
  • Improved: labels in Data Export of Crystallization According to NakamuraCrystallization according to Nakamura is the crystal growth model for non-isothermal crystallization kinetics during cooling.Nakamura model: (a) brackets in equation T-(Tg-30) and (b) units for nucleation parameter KG. All calculations previously and now are made correctly and remain unchanged.
  • Fixed: Data Export for model free methods DynamicArrhenius and IsothermalArrhenius.
  • Fixed: Data Export for predictions with Y-axis "Sum of Peaks".
  • Other small improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.5.0 (February 24, 2021)

Version 2.4.6 (January 30, 2020)

Build 2.4.20030.8

  • Improved: geographic map data provider which has unexpectable stopped to provide map data is replaced by Microsoft Bing Maps in climatic predictions (Predictions based on climate temperature profile).
  • Improved: If the computer is offline then the offline geographic data will be used.
  • Added: It is possible to switch between online and offline maps modes in the Settings.
  • Improved: in Conversion Values Optimization when the X axis is time and Y axis is Conversion the X axis scaling was always minutes. Now the scaling is automatically recalculated to hours/days/weeks/months depending of the time value and Settings.
  • Other small improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.4.4 (October 30, 2019)

Build 2.4.19303.6

  • AddedPredictions based on climate temperature profile (“Climatic Predictions”). Now it is possible to predict the reaction progress for the real atmospheric temperatures for a selected point on the Earth, from the selected day of the year, for the selected durations, which is usually several months or years.
  • Added: Six new Adjusting Arrows for model-based analysis. Now it is much easier to adjust the positions of the simulated curves manually before optimization. It will improve the optimization results because they depend on the initial values of parameters.
  • Added: Undo for all user's actions in model-based analysis. Now it is possible revert the changes after model recalculation or optimization if the results are not good.
  • AddedAuto Zoom for charts with two Y axes, for example, Signal and Temperature. Now two charts on one plot can be auto-arranged one above the another.
  • AddedFont size for the chart legend can be set independent of the other chart parameters.
  • AddedTooltip on chart data points ("markers").
  • AddedAdding measurement files by drag-and-drop from Windows Explorer directly into the Kinetics Neo.
  • Improved: Parameter title is changed from AutocatOrder to Log(AutocatPreExp) for autocatalitic reactions C1,Cn.Cmn,KS. Corresponding titles in equations are corrected too. Calculations are not changed.
  • Improved: R² statistics is now shown with 5 digits after comma. Previously it was 4 digits.
  • Fixed: Heating-Cooling baseline for Dilatometer.
  • Fixed: The sum of contributions is always equal to 1 (one).
  • Fixed: When the source file to be imported doesn't contain any data for Kinetics Neo then it will not be imported. Previously the file without name and data was imported.
  • Fixed: NaN for A2 reaction type if educt=0.
  • Fixed: Chart data export now correctly exports simulated conversion rate values.
  • Fixed: Incorrect label "Correlation R" is changed to "R²" in Model Based and Model Free Properties panels.
  • Other small improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.1.2 (December 10, 2018)

Build 2.1.18344.2

Version 2.0.1 (September 6, 2018)

Build 2.0.18249.2

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