Kinetics as a Service

We optimize your process or solve your kinetics problem 

Do you have problems with your technological process?

Are you sure your technological process of ceramic sintering or paint curing is optimal? Or is it still possible to improve it? For example:

  • Should this process be slower in order to improve the quality of the product?
  • Or should it be faster in order to shorten the production time and reduce production costs?

The common way to improve the process is to make many tries which may be quite long and expensive (like ceramics test firings).

We offer you another way to better understand your material and optimize your processes.

Applications / Processes

  • Ceramics: optimization of the firing processes, e.g., debinding and sintering: 
    Application: Reduce the Costs of Ceramic Production with Kinetics Neo;
    Video (German)
  • Polymers, adhesives, paints: process optimization of curing;
  • Electrical insulation, coating, pharmaceuticals, packaging: life-time predictions;
  • Energetic materials, explosives: safe storage time, SADT calculation.

“Kinetics as a Service”: our experts will optimize your process

Kinetics as a Service includes:

  • Experimental measurements of your material in our laboratory (if necessary).
  • Kinetic analysis of these experimental data and creating the kinetics model.
  • The results of kinetic analysis - kinetics model - will be used for the process predictions at different temperatures.
  • Investigating of the optimal temperature conditions in order to improve the material quality and to reduce the production time.

All experimental measurements, analysis, creating of kinetic model and optimization of the existing temperature program will be performed by our specialists.

Result: optimized temperature program and kinetic model of your process

As a result, you will get the optimized temperature program and kinetic model of your process. You can then use this model by yourself for predictions of your process rate and conversions at any temperature program.