Comparison between Thermokinetics 3 and Kinetics Neo versions 

 Thermokinetics 3Kinetics NeoKinetics Neo
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ASCII Data Import+++
Import of binary NETZSCH measurement files +
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Single-point model-free analysis (ASTM E698, E2890, E1641)+++
Multi-point model-free analysis (Friedman, OFW, KAS)+++
Powerful numerical model-free analysis ++
Number of kinetic modelslimited to 79unlimitedunlimited
Free combination of reaction stepspredefinedunlimitedunlimited
Visual design of kinetic model ++
Statistical comparison of model-based results+++
Statistical comparison of all model-free and model-based results ++
Predictions and optimization according to model-free methods ++
Predictions and optimization according to model-based methods+++
Prediction of reaction rate of each reaction steplimited to 3 steps++
Adiabatic predictions based on DSC measurements ++
Free software handling support ++
User forum limited+
Free software updates  +
Evaluation support  time-limited
Fast and easy user interface ++
New cutting-edge kinetics engine ++