What Are the Hardware Requirements for the Computer to Use Kinetics Neo?

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Intel® Core i5 processor or similar,
  • 8 GB RAM when using 64 bit version of Windows,
  • hard disk space 20 GB,
  • display 1440 x 1050.

Processor (CPU)

Kinetics Neo works usually quite fast. But sometimes it takes some time to calculate the results. For example, it may happen during the the optimization of the complex kinetic model which includes many measurement files.

Our recommendations are: please use the modern quad core processor. The CPU frequency is more important than the number of the processor cores. So, when possible, please use the computer processor with "more GHz".

Memory (RAM)

The Kinetics Neo software usually don’t occupy more that 160MB RAM during processing.  But the Windows also demands some RAM. We recommend to use 8 GB RAM at least, especially if you have a 64 bit version of the Windows 10. It is a good idea to have 16 GB RAM if you purchase a new computer. It may be needed not mainly for Kinetics Neo software, but for fluent work of the Windows itself.