What is the difference between old Thermokinetics 3.1 and new Kinetics Neo?

Thermokinetics 3.1Kinetics Neo
Fast and easy user interface+
New cutting-edge kinetics engine+
Analysis of DSC Data++
Analysis of TGA Data++
Analysis of DIL Data++
Analysis of DEA Data++
Analysis of ARC Data++
ASCII data import++
Import of binary NETZSCH measurement files2018
Single-point model-free analysis
(ASTM E698,E2890, E1641)
Multi-point model-free analysis
(Friedman, OFW, KAS)
Powerful numerical model free analysis+
Number of kinetic models79, limitedunlimited
Combination of reaction stepspredefinedfree, unlimited
Visual design of kinetic model+
Diffusion control and TTT diagram++
Statistical comparison of model free results++
Statistical comparison of all model free
and model based results
Predictions and optimization
according to model free methods
Prediction and optimization
according to model based methods
Prediction of reaction rate for each reaction step limited to 3 steps+
Adiabatic predictions
based on DSC measurements