Prediction Goal

The goal is to simulate the reaction behavior under new temperature conditions where it is either too expensive or not possible to carry out direct experiments.

For predictions, a variety of temperature programs are available within NETZSCH Kinetics Neo.

Prediction Types

  • Isothermal
  • Dynamic
  • Multiple step
  • Step iso
  • Modulated isothermal
  • Modulated dynamic
  • Adiabatic
  • Time-Temperature-Transition (TTT)

Prediction Results

Predictions can be calculated under various conditions. Depending on the conditions, the results can be depicted in various ways including:

  • Conversion curve as a function of time with temperature as a parameter
  • Concentration over time of the formal reactants with temperature as a parameter
  • Partial reaction, mass loss and area
  • Reaction rate for individual reaction steps

  ...and many more.

Predictions of concentrations for epoxy curing under a user-defined temperature program.
Adiabatic predictions of temperature for epoxy curing at different initial temperatures