Kinetic Applications


Application Epoxy Resin: The Curing Kinetics of an Epoxy-Based Adhesive. Simulation for Reliable Predictions and Process Optimization.

Application Epoxy Resin — Curing, Partial Diffusion Control.

Lecture on NATAS 2018: Specificity of Kinetic Modelling and Process Optimization for Curing Reactions.

Video of NETZSCH Webinar: "How kinetic simulation can improve your thermosetting curing process".

Lecture (German): "Kinetische Analyse, Modellierung und Vorhersage für Aushärtereaktionen in der Kinetics Neo Software" . It is made on the Thermal analysis expert meeting of Fiber reinforced plastics group (AVK) in Frankfurt.

Flyer: "Curing Measured by DSC and DEA and analyzed by Kinetics Neo" for exhibition Composites Europe 2017.

PowerPoint visual show "Do You Understand Curing?" of Kinetics Analysis of Curing Examples DSC and DEA (Microsoft PowerPoint Show PPSX, 2.79 MB, 2 Minutes).