What Is the Licensing Model of the Kinetics Neo?

Are the Kinetics Neo Licenses Permanent or Must I Pay Each Year?

The Kinetics Neo licenses are perpetual (permanent). You don't have to pay yearly to work with the Kinetics Neo.

And What is Kinetics Neo Subscription Service? Must I Pay Yearly for It?

Kinetics Neo Subscription Service is the optional Support Service with several benefits. Most important is the possibility to download updates and upgrades of Kinetics Neo software for free.

When you purchase the Kinetics Neo you will get 12 Months of this service for free. It is already included in the Kinetics Neo price.

The prolongation of the Kinetics Neo Subscription Service is optional. It is up to you is you want to prolong this service or not. If you decide to prolong it - you have to purchase this service for the next 12 (24, 36 or 48) months. You may also purchase this prolongation when you order the Kinetics Neo.

I am working in the University. Do You Have Special "Academic" Prices?


We have special Academin Version of Kinetics Neo. It has the same functionality as the normal version, but much less price for our customers working in the universities and other non-profit organisations. The benefits of the Kinetics Neo Academic Version are:

  • the main license price is approximately 1/2 of the normal price for commercial organisations.
  • 2 licenses per serial number (the normal version has only 1).
  • same functionality as the normal version.

Are Kinetics Neo Licenses "per Seat" or "per User"? What Is About "Shared" Use?

Kinetics Neo licenses are "per seat" or per computer. You must purchase the license for each computer where the Kinetics Neo software must be installed.

Our license agreement does not allow the "shared" use of the Kinetics Neo installed on one computer between several users.

I Have Several Colleagues Who Want to Work with the Kinetics Neo. Do You Have Special Licenses for Us?


We have special order items für Kinetics Neo licenses. The "main" license and the "additional" license. The main license must be purchased always. The price of the "additional" license is VERY attractive. Please ask your NETZSCH sales representative about it.

Example: if 4 colleagues want to work with Kinetics Neo then they must purchase 1 "main" license and 3 "additional" licenses.

Do You Have a "Network" License?


All our licenses are "per seat". Please order "additional" licenses for your colleagues.