Kinetics Neo Lifecycle Policy


NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH (“NETZSCH”) provides support and maintenance for its Advanced Software products (Kinetics Neo, Peak Separation, Thermal Simulations) during a defined period of time, referred to as the “lifecycle”.

The customer must have a subscription to the support plan in order to receive this support. This plan includes support for existing software product versions in the form of updates as well as access to new software product versions in the form of upgrades. This document describes the updates policy for any given NETZSCH software product version.

NETZSCH provides updates in the form of service packs, minor releases or individual hot fixes. Updates may contain bug fixes or feature enhancements. NETZSCH may release any update independently of customer-reported issues.

NETZSCH also carries out new releases of its software products which may contain different new features and bug fixes for older releases.

Lifecycle Description

The lifecycle for any given NETZSCH software product version consists of one (1) year of Standard Support, plus an extension of one (1) year of Limited Support.

The following chart shows the lifecycle for NETZSCH software product such as Kinetics Neo:


Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Release Year 1 Standard Limited None None None
Release Year 2 Standard Limited None None
Release Year 3 Standard Limited None


The following table indicates the support components available for each of the various Support Types:


Standard Limited None
New Features Yes No No
Issue Fixes Yes No No
Critical Issue Fixes Yes Yes No
Support (software usage) Yes Yes No
Forums Yes Yes Yes
Access to Documentation (Web) Yes Yes Yes


Important: Access to Standard and Limited support components grants only for the customers purchased maintenance support plan.

Standard Support

Provided that a customer has a current subscription, Standard Support shall be provided for each released version for up to two (2) years. Standard Support includes hot fixes and patches for software defects that prevent product use (“software crashes”) or any available workarounds for other non-critical software defects.

During the Standard Support portion of the lifecycle, NETZSCH:

  1. may fix bugs in a current release and deliver it as a hot fix; or
  2. may schedule bug fixes in a future release.

Limited Support

Provided that a customer has a current subscription, limited product support starts immediately at the end of Standard Support and continues for one (1) year.

Limited Support includes email support, problem investigation, and providing problem resolution recommendations based on existing knowledge. It also includes existing supported product releases. During the Limited Support phase, NETZSCH may provide qualified security updates at its discretion.

Lifecycle Dates

All future dates mentioned for "End of Standard Lifecycle" and "End of Limited Support" are close approximations and subject to change.